Friday, August 10, 2012

Raspberry & blueberry crumb cake

This one got me addicted,it's sooo easy to make and sooo good,I make it a couple times a week!You can add the fruit of your choice,in the original recipe raspberry crumble it was only raspberry, I tried also with blueberries and raspberries and recently(Today)with sliced apples and raspberries.All versions are good,choose the best yourself!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

My last trip in June-Back to Riga!

This time I didn't go alone:)

Then came Cracow

Euro 2012 in Warsaw

So the awesome people came to Warsaw and we had some fun during the Euro 2012!


I was lucky to meet some really awesome people there!

Estonia-Tallinn,May 2012

6 days were too much for Tallinn,then again days were as well.And although I was there shorter than in Riga,I was bored soo much,that I took a loooot of photos,which I generally don't do when I'm busy doing fun things!The beach was worse than in Riga,the Open Air Museum as well, plus the city was more quiet and calm.

Latvia-Riga,May 2012

Then came Riga...and I could have stopped there,but had a plan,so I stayed in Riga for 5 nights(3 nights in a hostel,2 couchsurfing),went to Tallinn,was supposed to stay there 6 nights,got too bored,stayed 4 nights and left earlier than planned to Riga,and for much longer than planned-10 days instead of 1.When I came back to Riga,I met really cool people in the hostel,so I decided to extend my stay there!That's part of the magic of travelling solo.You can be alone for days,not  meeting anyone interesting and then boom someone comes your way and a new adventure begins.You might not meet anyone who you click with through your entire trip,so being able to enjoy your own company is a plus!But it's probably mainly thanks to the people I've met there,that Riga has become one of my favorite cities,which I already returned to, a month after this trip:)

Lithuania-Vilnius,May 2012

I decided to try solo travelling and headed out for a 2 week trip(which ended up being a 3 week one) to Vilnius,Riga and Tallinn. These are my memories of Vilnius.One night there was enough for me,I was planning to stay 2 more nights on my way back,but that never happened,and I don't regret it.