Thursday, April 19, 2012

Breathe in, breathe out

Yesterday I went to a meditation gathering.I have been there before,but I've never kept meditating consistently,so I wanted to refresh my memory and get inspired.Maybe this time will be different!Now I've learnt that,they teach you a Mantra meditation(repeating a set of words) and a Japa meditation(with beads).
First you can do the Mantra meditation,which can put you into a kind of trance,it's based on the sound you  make.Sit comfortably anywhere,you can set your hands on your knees with the index finger and thumb touching.When inhaling in your mind say-Guar-Ra-Ang-Ga(Gua-ra-nga)and when you exhale say it out loud,slowly,each part separately,as if your letting the words out slowly with the exhalation.
For the Japa meditation you need such beads,you hold them with your thumb and second finger of your right hand(not with your index finger).Don't let the beads touch the floor or your feet.You start with the big bead and with every bead you touch you say-Gopala Govinda Rama Madana Mohana,you can make 1 round or more,it's up to you.You shouldn't think of anything but the words you're saying,get rid of all distractions.
I hope I make this my habit!It's helpful if you believe it or not,so it won't hurt to try(consistently).

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easy cooking

Maybe they're not a work of art at face value,but once you try them,these apple drop scones will leave you craving for more!Unless you don't like the mixture of apples and cinnamon,which is possible.The recipe for these makes about 8 drop scones.It's easy and doesn't take long.
-1 cup of flour
-1/4 cup of sugar
-1 medium or large apple, cut in slices
-1 tsp of baking powder
-1 cup of milk
-1 tsp of cinnamon or how much you choose
-1 egg
-1/4 cup of oil
-some powdered sugar

Mix the flour,sugar,baking powder,cinnamon together add the egg and pour the milk in,finally throw in the apples.Mix it well.Fry them on a pan on oil or butter.Lastly you may sprinkle some powdered sugar on them,while they're still hot and voila!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Polish Day:)

For most girls it's probably no biggie,wow painted nails.For me it's something out of the ordinary:P I basically never paint my fingernails,because it's too strenuous for me to do it with my left hand.This time,I took example of my friend and tried.Mixed up the colors a bit and it turned out OK and looks fun!If I will remember,I must continue practicing to master this art:)Nicely and colorfully painted nails can replace jewellery(which I rarely use).It can be a waste of time,if you do it too often,but once in a while won't hurt,especially if you paint them differently or paint some shapes etc.

Friday, April 6, 2012

My March 2012

I'm starting this blog with a (written and photo) summary of  some things I did in March. Even whilst making these collages,I learnt a new thing by using a program called Picasa. It's really easy and intuitive(of course it's not super easy,because that wouldn't be a challenge,and I need those. ...ppffff)

Here I attended a "Make your own Eco-bag" workshop. General instructions on how to make one:
1.Cut out stencils of pictures you want to have on the bag out of  sheets of plastic.(In my case,thery were smaller and bigger circles).
2.Put newspapers inside the bag,lay it flat.This is so the the back of the bag stays clear of getting blotches of paint all over it from the front of the bag.
3.Put the stencils on the bag and color them in with a sponge(gently patting the paint on).
4.Leave it to dry.
5.After it dries, put some material over it,or turn it on the back side,and iron it quickly just a bit.This makes the pictures difficult to wash off.

A clutch-bag out of ad banners.

Ok, I must admit,that it was the first time ever,that I made brownies,but maybe especially,because of this fact,the recipe from a great baking site-->Baker Chick,was so perfect. I altered the recipe a bit(in a bad way not in that "I added this and that" way:),out of laziness of course),I didn't cut out anything. I made a separate blondie and a separate brownie,the blondie wasn't photographed(it was gone so fast).The brownie was decorated with sunflower seeds and almonds and later covered with a layer of the peanut butter frosting.Here is the original recipe--> Peanut butter blondies and brownies. They're easy and delicious!The only thing what I will do next time is add a little less vanilla and see how it comes out.

Don't listen to people,when they tell you not to go somewhere,check it out just to see if they were right.When it comes to travelling,you never lose going wherever.I think that you can find something interesting in every place-food,street art,nature or not something but someone.Trying harder to find something intersting wasn't the case in Bratislava,because the city itself was beautiful and full of attractions(not only the tourist ones). Although, I was told by some that this city has nothing to offer,I have a different opinion. It's completely ins-inc with nature, it's mountainous,so going up and down,up and down is far from boring:),15 minutes by public transport and your away from the busy streets and around dams built by beavers near the river.Great views and nature,down to earth people around (which is uncommon nowadays,where everyone needs to look glamorous and trendy),nice prices,easy to get around. The only thing that didn't impress me, was the castle from close up,with nothing to see inside,but in the evening it looks wonderful from the city center!

A meeting of Urban Housewives(not only for women,men are active in this group:)). Sipping lemonade,chatting and sewing-what better way is there to spend a Sunday afternoon? I didn't sew the buttons onto the shirt at the top,but it was my idea,therefore kind of my project:).

Here, I used a sunny day to make some gloomy (overall) pics :).